eFreeMe.com offers online ecommerce turnkey solutions for Retailers, Wholesalers and Web Based Communities. Which one are you?

Use eFreeMe to create your online store


Creating your own store has never been easier. Have an online store up and running in minutes. Follow your favorite sellers and keep up to date on the latest items that they have for sale. We, at eFreeme, have spent countless hours to bring together something unique and fun for both the seller and the buyer. What we have is a cutting edge format that will revolutionize the sellers industry and bring the power back to the buyer.

Customize the design of your store


We bring the customizability to you. With our quick and simple format, you can have a site that tells others who you are. Cater to the market niche’s that you are so familiar and experienced with. Its simple and with just a few clicks, your store will be up and running.

Stats to track your sales & traffic


All of our stores have built in sales and traffic analytics. Keep up to date on what your customers want and what they need. Get notifications of items that need restocking and are selling quickly.

Simple to post & track inventory

With our built in inventory tracking, never run out of stock again. You customer satisfaction is our only concern and we have put in place everything to make your online store experience a quick and seemless experience.